How Casa Works

Every day, a child in Mississippi appears in a courtroom - not for a criminal action, but as a victim of abuse or neglect. You can change that child’s story by training to serve as a volunteer court-appointed special advocate - someone solely focused on the child’s best interests.

Benefits to System

Trained CASA volunteers provide research, information, and recommendations about what’s best for the child, enabling Mississippi judges to make more effective and child-centered decisions.

Over 93% of judges report a very positive overall experience with the CASA program.

Benefits to Kids

Children who have experienced abuse or neglect have endured highly stressful, and potentially traumatic, adverse childhood experiences. Having a stable relationship with a supportive adult can help children cope well and go on to have healthy and successful lives.

A child with a CASA volunteer:

  • Will spend 4 to 6 months less time in foster care
  • Will receive more needed services such as counseling and tutoring
  • Is more likely to stay in school and go on to graduate
  • Is half as likely to re-enter the foster care system
  • Is more likely to find a safe, loving, and permanent home

Benefits to Volunteer

Our advocates have a passion and commitment to this work that is invaluable to our most vulnerable victims. CASA volunteers make a life-changing difference for children and youth. Each volunteer is trained and supported by highly-qualified staff members.

Many volunteers have felt the call to become a foster family, but for various reasons have been unable to fully commit. Becoming a CASA volunteer offers an opportunity to make a lifelong lasting impact in the life of a child.